Beach, please!

Beach, please!

Ladies, soon it will be summer time! Aren’t we all super excited about spending sunny days by the pool or even better, at the beach? Here are a few stylish items I have put together to create the perfect look for beautiful days by the water. From skin care to accessories and swim wear, everything you need to be beach ready is on this list!


Luli Fama Bikini Top & Bottoms

We can’t talk about stylish beach items without presenting a super cute bikini first. Ladies, meet the Luli Fama Bikini and all of its beachy features. Straps are in right now when it comes to swim wear. I love the visual interest straps can bring to a bathing suit. This Luli Fama Bikini top is just too cute! It has convertible straps, so you can create your own look and avoid tan lines by moving the straps around. It also comes with removable soft cups, for support. Now can we please talk about this sexy bikini bottom? The kaleidoscope pattern is a little funky and very colorful, which is perfect for summer! Straps in the front, rushed brazilian back, amazing!

Nordstrom – $88

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Simplicity Women’s Beach & Poolside Swimwear Cover up Dress

I just love this Simplicity Women’s Beach & Poolside Swimwear Cove Up Dress! It is so sexy, beachy and very practical! It is offered in various styles and colors, but my favorite is this floral design on aqua blue. Fringe is a trend that we have seen a lot this fall, and why not continue this trend by a little touch of fringe on a swimsuit cover up? Also, it is made mainly of polyester, which means it does not wrinkle! Just throw it in your luggage, and head on to the beach, not worrying about having to iron it! And the best thing has to be the price! Super inexpensive for a stylish item that will complete your beach look.

Amazon – $22.99

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Ted Baker Women’s Riesling Sandal

Ok, I have got to confess my new obsession : Ted Baker. Ted Baker is a British luxury retail company. It is now international, for every woman’s happyness! Ted Baker offers funky, colorful, beautiful stylish designs that will make a woman dream. These sandals are no exception. They are elegant, simple and a little funky. I love the nude ones with a touch of animal print, which is perfect for the beach. Made of leather, they will be durable as well as practical as they act as a neutral and go with everything. Ted Baker Women’s Riesling Sandal is the essential beach sandal!

Amazon – $130

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Pom Pom Tassel Floppy Hat

This is no surprise, I love Betsey Johnson and her designs! I just had to include a Betsey Johnson stylish item on my Beach list, so here it is. The Pom Pom Tassel Floppy Hat is like the cherry on my sunday. You now have your amazing bikini, your cover up dress and your sandals, top this look off with a stylish summer hat! This Pom Pom hat as embellishments that comes in two colors : turquoise of fuchsia. I love the turquoise as I find it looks very beachy. It is made of straw and is one size fits all. Betsey suggests to pair it with a wedge sandal, which I think is also a great alternative.

Betsey Johnson – $42

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Diane Von Furstenberg Women’s Haley Sunglasses

Diane Von Furstenberg is a former princess, turned high fashion designer. Her head office is based in New York, in the fashionable meat packing district. She is known all over the world with stores in over 70 countries. I love her designs and the fact that they are unique and different, just like those sunglasses. The Diane Von Furstenberg Women’s Haley Sunglasses are a perfect addition to the stylish looks on my Beach list. The plastic see-through frame makes them easy to wear and light, great for the beach. Not to mention the studded rhinestones that add a nice detail to the sunglasses. If we have to protect our eyes with sunglasses, I want to wear those!

Amazon – $145

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Dylan’s Candy Bar Beach Towel

How appropriate is a colorful beach towel during summertime? Perfect! I just love Dylan Lauren’s fun designs and this towel represents the essence of fun. We all need one to dry off from the pool or the beach, so why not make it super lively with Dylan’s Candy Bar Beach Towel! It is made of 100% cotton, super soft and very cute! Show off the Dylan’s Candy Bar famous logo on this rainbow-like beach towel and why not bring candies to the beach, while at it?

Dylan’s Candy Bar – $22

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Magid Seashell Canvas Tote

Now, how do you carry your sunglasses, hat and towel to the beach? You put everything in this beautiful Magid Seashell Canvas Tote bag! A tote is just the perfect bag for going to the pool or the beach. Just throw everything you need in there, and done! This one is very cute with its sand-like color and cotton rope handles, very beachy! And for a little spark of color, it has a lime green interior with a seashell print on the side. Just how I like it, practical and stylish!

eBags – $44

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Shiseido – ‘‘Ultimate Sun Survival’’ Kit (Limited Edition)

Shiseido, for those who do not know, is a high end cosmetic company that originated in Japan. It offers a wide range of amazing beauty and skin care products. If I was going to make a Beach list of everything you need for beautiful days under the sun, I had to include a skin protection kit. I chose Shiseido’s ‘Ultimate Sun Survival’ Kit as it is a safe buy and includes everything you need to protect your skin from sun damages. You will find in there a sun protection lotion, a UV protector, an anti-spot serum, an eye cream as well as a brightening mask. All wrapped up in a stylish make up case. Don’t forget, you cannot just look stylish at the beach, you have to protect your skin as well!

Nordstrom – $72

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