Top 10 Designer Bedding Sets

Top 10 Designer Bedding Sets

With amazing fashion designers now offering beautiful and dreamy bedding sets, I say sleep with style! Since our bedroom is like our sanctuary, our happy and relaxing private place, it is important it reflects us and our personality. Here is a list of our Top 10 Designer Bedding Sets. You will have plenty of options to inspire you to have fun dressing up your bed and creating the perfect ambiance in your bedroom!

Ted Baker - Designer Bedding Sets

Sleeping Beauty

Romantic, elegant, classic with a feminine touch, now that is how I want my bedroom to look! This is exactly what this Porcelain Rose print channels on Ted Baker’s showcased bedding set. The big rose patterns, touches of grey and white make this Designer bedding set so delicate and beautiful.

It will dress up your bedroom, providing you from having to go crazy on the paint or the decorations, making this beautiful bedding set the focal point of your room.

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Betsey Johnson - Designer Bedding Sets

Welcome to Funkytown

Betsey Johnson’s Regal Roses Twin Comforter set is like a punch in your face. But in a good way. It’s funky, a bit rock and roll, while remaining feminine and fun. I love the blue roses prints and the solid blue underside, which balances out the print. This Designer bedding set includes the comforter duvet and two pillows.

Then, use your creativity to dress it up with other accessories like a cool throw or unique pillows that will stand out. Little tip : keep the rest of your bedroom neutral, like the paint color of the walls, so the main design and style focus is your bed.

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Kate Spade - Designer Bedding Sets

Flower picking in the fields

Ah, Kate Spade, you make me happy! Isn’t this Designer bedding set relaxing and peaceful? I just love the small prints, with the flowers being an accent on the simple classic comforter. The Kate Spade Willow Court Comforter Set comes with the comforter, of course, and two pillow cases. To me this just looks like spring.

I feel like it’s a great bedding set to display during spring and summer, to make your room feel lighter and aery.

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Tommy Hilfiger - Designer Bedding Sets

All on board!

The Tommy Hilfiger Th Academy Comforter is the base to a great Designer bedding set. The navy blue color is neutral, a bit masculine, allowing to create a base for lots of types of designs in your bedroom. Throw in ancre themed pillows to give it a navy look, sending you to the beach every time you go to bed. Do the striped sheets, just like on the picture, to keep it simple, while including a little print detail.

This comforter also has texture, which gives it more depth and detail. You immediately recognize Tommy Hilfiger in this Designer Bedding Set, its color and style is like is signature.

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Jessica Simpson - Designer Bedding Sets

Your temple

Jessica Simpson is known, in her designs, to give them a cowgirl or southern flair. I love this bedding set as it does include this signature of hers, but also showcases different influences, almost Indian like. The Amrita Medallion 3 piece comforter set includes the duvet and two pillow cases. It is 100% cotton and machine washable, which is just great because it is easy maintenance.

With this Designer bedding set, looking at the design, prints and different colors makes me dream of amazing travels.

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Vera Wang - Designer Bedding Sets

Bridal dreams

Now, Vera Wang’s designs are just something else. She is known, all over the world, for the most elegant, romantic and amazing bridal gowns. I get a bridal and romantic feel looking at this Designer bedding set. It is so simple and elegant, in the most positive way. It is like a piece of art, displayed on your bed.

The Vera Wang “Painted Stripe” Bedding Collection includes a duvet cover and different kinds of pillow shams, so you can recreate this perfect look. I love the painted stripes that add dimension and detail to the bedding set. That just looks like a home design magazine cover!

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Desigual - Designer Bedding Sets

Spanish Flair

Desigual never disappoints! it delivers a mix of funky, full of color prints and patterns, and it all works! The Spanish design company makes no exception on this Polka Dot Duvet Cover Collection. This bedding set is completed by a great black on white polka dot printed duvet cover and white on black polka dot printed throw pillows.

Not only does it have polka dots, but it also has flowers and heart prints, which makes it very fun and colorful. This Designer bedding set is definitely a hip and unconventional style, which makes it very unique and special, I just love it!

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Calvin Klein - Designer Bedding Sets

Neutral print

When I think of home designs items, I always think of Calvin Klein. His designs are specifically delicate, graceful and detailed. The Calvin Klein Modena Duvet Cover Set reveals exquisite prints. When you look closely, you can see all the details within the pattern. Because the prints are all over the duvet, it creates a style and design base, almost neutral, that can be dressed up or left as is, in it’s simplicity.

This Designer bedding set includes a duvet cover and two pillow shams, like most bedding sets and is sure to bring the wow factor to your bedroom design.

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Donna Karan - Designer Bedding Sets

Soft like silk

Donna Karan’s “Silk Essentials” Collection is dreamy and so romantic. In this collection you will find the Habutai Silk Duvet Cover as a base to a bedding set. I love the deep gray color and silk texture, which look so relaxing and comfortable. I just want to lay on this bed and get a good peaceful and resting sleep!

There are also pillows you can add to create your own unique bedding set. The drapes on the pillows bring volume and design touches to the set, which finishes off the look perfectly!

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Chloe - Designer Bedding Sets

Details, details, details

Although this Chloe Duvet Cover comes in 5 different colors (white, blue, dark gray, light gray and pink), it is not about the color, it is about the details. This is why I prefer the white option. The medallion design, on this Designer bedding set, creates so much texture and detail. It is simple, yet complexe. The pillows are also a great accent to the medallion design, which totally completes the bedding set.

As it is 100% cotton, it is light and airy and that complements the design on the duvet. Hand wash it to make sure the nice details are not ruined in the washing machine.

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