Designer Bedding Sets Decor

Top 10 Designer Bedding Sets

With amazing fashion designers now offering beautiful and dreamy bedding sets, I say sleep with style! Since our bedroom is like our sanctuary, our happy and relaxing private place, it is important it reflects us and our personality. Here is a list of our Top 10 Designer Bedding...

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The Doppio Ponte by Spektre Designer

Italian elegance, Spektre

Spektre is a sunglasses company to know about. It was launched a few years ago in Milan, Itlay. It has made its way around the world and is now sold in over 56 countries. Spektre sunglasses are currently worn by all major players in the fashion industry, and entertainment...

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Vintage Flower Printed Chiffon-Kimono Apparel

Just like a Geisha

Kimonos are in right now! Throw a kimono on with your favorite little black dress, or cute short shorts, to add a bohemian look to your portfolio of styles. You can also wear it as a bikini cover-up to the beach or the pool. I love the Ninimour Women Vintage Flower Printed...

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Beach, please!

Ladies, soon it will be summer time! Aren’t we all super excited about spending sunny days by the pool or even better, at the beach? Here are a few stylish items I have put together to create the perfect look for beautiful days by the water. From skin care to accessories and...

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Designer Backpacks | 7 Stylish Designer Backpacks Designer

7 Stylish Designer Backpacks

Backpacks are just cool! They are useful; everyone needs one, or has had a need for one. Now let’s make this ordinary, practical bag more fun, introducing: Designer Backpacks. Now we’re talking! It’s not because you need a backpack that it has to be boring! Here is a list...

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Rouge Louboutin

I guess you all know this, but, ever wonder where the red under sole of amazing high-heel shoes comes from? You are right, From Christian Louboutin! This French, high-end luxury Designer, has created an iconic landmark for himself with the red underneath his shoes. Can’t...

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