Designer Bedding Sets Decor

Top 10 Designer Bedding Sets

With amazing fashion designers now offering beautiful and dreamy bedding sets, I say sleep with style! Since our bedroom is like our sanctuary, our happy and relaxing private place, it is important it reflects us and our personality. Here is a list of our Top 10 Designer Bedding...

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Marimo-Moss-Ball-Pedestal-Aquarium Decor

Pimp your tank!

This gorgeous item might look like an aquarium, but it’s actually a terrarium! It will be sure to stand out in your home. It comes with the sand, sea fern and stones, everything you need to make it beautiful! It is made to create an ecosystem and grow a Marimo Moss Ball....

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Mason-Jar-Candle Decor

Mason Jar Candle

Who doesn’t love mason jars? They are amazing, very in trend right now, and very practical. How about a mason jar candle? This one is blueberry pie scented, what more can you ask for! Slowly burn it in a room close to your kitchen and make everyone believe you baked all day!...

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